Thursday, 17 August 2017

Guess where I am

yes in hospital again. I went to a and e as my Hickman line had an infection.Got antibiotics but was feeling worse the next day.Went back and got admitted. I thought it would be a simple in and out stay. I was wrong.

Saturday I was sooo unwell with a temp of 39.4. I was in agony and begging the nurses to help me. I cried my eyes out. Eventually a doctor came and I got pain relief. I had to be checked on every half hour as I was so unstable. My tpn was stopped.

Sunday a doc decided to put saline through my line an again my temp went up. Changed antibiotics.

For the past few days I've had more antibiotics running through my line.Sadly it turns out my site and line is infected with Mrsa so it has to come out. We tried our best to save it. I haven't eaten since my tpn came off so I might be a size 0 when I come out.

On the up side I am in quarantine with my own room and tv and it's nearly Christmas.

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  1. Hi Hayley
    You poor Baby ... my heart goes out to you...
    I feel so helpless...
    we have been to Spain for the weekend ... Internet not good at the hotel... so only just seen your blog write up....
    Love Sylviexxx thinking of you a lot.... xx