Held hostage by my bed

Yes that's right, my bed has held me hostage.I've tried contacting the police but they don't see it as a serious crime. It is very serious.

You see it all started when I went to the dentist.unfortunately I had to have a filling and because I have a hickman line( goes into my chest to feed me) I have to have antibiotics.

I came out of the place of torture looking like I'd been dragged through a bush.My body does not cope well with procedures anymore.

After that I've been stuck in bed. To unwell to sit up. I eventually made it to the doctors and it turns out I have a vitamin d definciency. Ok so maybe I can stop blaming the dentist now.

I am slowly getting back to my normal but am in to much pain to sit in my wheelchair for long. So while I've been stuck in bed,I've been doing some drawing. Ta da here they are.

I would say enjoy the weather but maybe not as it's raining here x 


  1. Hi Hayley baby
    I very happy you liked your card... and hope your BDay was enjoyable ...
    yes got your gorgeous card... love the flower on the front... looking at it now...
    sorry you haven't been well... I hate going to the Dentist...
    that. Drawing you have done of that fabulous flower is amazing ... clever you ...
    it is. So hot here... would love it a bit cooler...
    hope you pussy cat. Is ok...
    Love Sylvie xx

  2. Beautiful, beautiful drawings. If you had those made into rubber stamps I would be ypur first customer. It's very frustrating to be artistic yet unable to draw!
    I've had vitamin D problems several times in my life, the big problem is that if your health keeps ypu indoors you can't boost it naturally. Hope you feel beeter soon.


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