Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Washi tape and cupcakes

Ok, I confess that I may have an addiction to washi tape. It's so versatile and looks very pretty. I spent ages wrapping up my Christmas presents with it. I also made some decorations out of clay to add something extra to finish it off x

I really enjoy baking. When I went to Center Parcs in November, I learnt how to decorate cupcakes. I thought they looked so good that I decided to make some to give as Christmas presents. I would rather do this than buy something that someone doesn't like. So here they are x 

Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas decorations and cards

i've been happily making christmas decorations this year. I love to work in felt as it's so versatile.

I also made some christmas cards. I wanted to make loads but life gets in the way.

If i don't blog before christmas. I hope you have a lovely time

Hayley x 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sometimes christmas isn't always a happy occasion

I'm laying in bed trying not to forget tomorrow. Three years ago my dad died of a brain tumour. He would of been 60 tomorrow.

Although i love this time of year, i also hate it. I moved house on the 23rd of December and dad died on the 24th. I remember the phonecall from my sister in law at 3pm to say he had passed away. He only survived 10 months from diagnosis. He could of had a good 3 months if he didn't have the treatment. But he didn't and was gone months before he died.

This time of year brings back sad memories of his illness. We didn't have a great relationship. My parents divorced when i was a baby and remarried. I call my stepdad dad because he is. When dad was ill in hospital he refused to see me, because he had issues with my mum.

It was extremely hard but one thing he told me before he died was that he loved me and was proud of me.That's what i was waiting to hear for 27 years.

So i will raise my glass to you dad and wish you a very happy 60th birthday x