Saturday, 8 July 2017

Home grown veg and a Strawberry

Last year my lovely carer decided to move to Australia. I know I know how dare she move to a place with sun sea sand and sexy Australian men.

Anyway, before she left she gave me her tomato plants.I had never grown anything so I was very excited. Every morning I would rush out to check for tomatoes.

Now a year on I have a slight obsession with growing veg.I've reached my limit on space now though so can't grow anything else.At the moment I've got potatoes, onions,carrots,lettuce,sweetcorn,tomatoes and a strawberry plant.

There are a few things I've learnt not to do along the way so I will share them.

1. When you have carrots seedlings in a pot, don't knock the whole pot over with the hose pipe. Rip carrots.

2. Don't put the whole lot of lettuce seeds into one pot.They die. Rip lettuce.

This isn't a very good start is it.

I did end up buying lettuce plants though which survived.

3. Don't leave your potato plant a whole week without water as it starts off like this.

And ends up like this 

Sorry mr potato plant.The potatoes survived though. Yay.

4. It seems a frog likes to live in a potato plant, so be aware when your picking potatoes not to accidently run it over with your wheelchair.Sorry mr froggy. Rip

5. Strawberry plants. I am having a battle with the birds. I left a strawberry to ripen and was saving it before I picked it. I came rushing out of the house super excited only to find it had been half eaten. I was a very sad hayley. But i managed to get one strawberry and here is the evidence.

See I don't kill everything. By the way it was delicious.

Hope you all learnt something from my failures. Have a good day.

Hayley x 


  1. Well done Hayley ... on growing your veg... you are such an inspiration...
    Love your hair... and your glasses... you look amazing...
    yes the Glycerine is the one you use for cake icing I think... it makes the ink blend Beautifully....
    keep smiling... you are truly amazing...
    Love Sylvie xx

  2. Happy Birthday Hayley... hope you have had a fabulous day...
    hugs Sylvie x