Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rehab day 1

Today i start a 3 week rehab programme in london. Hopefully it will help me learn new skills on how to cope with my condition. I will try to update everyday so i don't forget what I've done

Day 1 

I got up about 6am. I was even awake before the birds. It took a couple of hours to get here and we were a bit late as got stuck in traffic. How dare people be on the roads haha.

When we arrived a volunteer showed me to my bed. I was just starting to unpack when i got ambushed by people. It was like a mosquito swarm. First the nurse to fill in paperwork. Then the doctor. Between these two came the menu lady, oh and the pharmacist. It was then off to my first session. Just trying to remember what it was. Welcome meeting i think. Then straight after it was something to do with pain management. I was late as i had to flush my tube and i didn't even get time for a tinkle. I felt very lonely in the group as the other girls knew each other.

Next was lunch and i met some nice ladies from my ward. After lunch it was physio and o.t. This was basically just to introduce themselves.

After that was a class on pacing. I don't understand pacing. I would rather get everything done. I couldn't understand how you pace doing the watching, do you just put one  thing in the wash then rest and out another thing. It would be a very long day if that was the case. The o.t laughed and said thats not how its done. Damn that means i cant get away with just doing that all day.

I managed to get a rest in between but i couldn't sleep as my bed is right by the nurses desk and the doors. I was getting more and more exhausted, i wanted to go home. I missed it terribly. After spending two months in hospital i didn't want to go to another one.

After i rang mum and had a good cry i went to dinner. It was quite nice to chat to the other ladies. Alot of them are just here for a week whereas I'm here for 3.

I then decided to have a warm shower but sadly it was cold and then got into bed. I was terrified of sleeping incase i snored. I would be so embarrassed. But sleep got me in the end.

Day 1 over and i survived x

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