Sunday, 25 October 2015

Update and Reindeers

Good afternoon.

I've been home from rehab for about 2 weeks. I have been busy with lots of appointments as per usual but i've had some good news.

Ive realised that although i hoped to get a lot out of rehab, i didn't really learn that much. We did transfers but only from there physio beds and they put them up and down for me. Sadly it doesn't reflect the real world where nothing is level.

Now to the good news

I am going to get a ceiling hoist in my bedroom so i can get myself in and out of bed. This will cut down on the amount of carers i need. Hoorah. Also getting a knew shower chair which goes over the toilet. It will make a huge difference. And the biggest is I'm getting a new car that i can drive my wheelchair into. Which means no more transfers. Sooo excited.

.Anyway enough about me, here are some reindeers. Sorry they are not real.

There were initially wooden so i painted and covered them. Of course they had to have bells on x 


  1. Hi Hayley
    Love your reindeers... I am so happy for you ... Your car ... Hoist etc...
    Keep in touch on how you get on with your new goodies
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  2. Your reindeer are beautiful! Great news about your new gadgets, I hope they make life much easier for you <3