Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Just checking in to say sorry i haven't been around much lately. My health has deteriorated again. I thought i was coping but now i have lost my ability to transfer myself from my wheelchair. Luckily i have alot of support from my physio and OT.

My OT came the other day and we are looking into being referred back to wheelchair services. I have a Manuel chair as my hope was that i would be well enough to push it, but it didn't work out. Its good to use when going docs or a small shop as its very light weight.

My physio has referred to me intermediate care team, who are a stop gap between home and hospital. The lady came today and I'm going to be getting home physio in the hope i will be strong enough to go back into rehab for respite. I didn't want to go in again, but I'm now armed with earplugs and will set my own rules haha.

um what else have i been doing. My bungalow is slowly getting decorated and my craft room is being decorated at the weekend, yippee. The i will get a carpet put down.

Unfortunately for my bank account i have been shopping for Craft stuff on line. Naughty naughty but it makes me happy. x

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  1. Sorry to hear you have not been well again. Hopefully seeing the bungalow getting decorated and a craft room sorted with new purchases to play crafty things with will help to keep you cheerful! X