Friday, 4 March 2016

Always follow your instinct when it comes to your health

just a quick update from me.

I have been out of action with a chest infection. Was just getting over that when my feeding tube came out.

I think i sat on it and the tube that goes into my jejunum came out. I panicked as without it i can't get food or water. Off i went to A&E. I was seen at about 7pm and had to stay overnight as there wasn't a doctor to put it back in. I was moved to the ward at 9.30pm but there was no bed as they were waiting to discharge someone. I had to wait in the corridor until 10.30pm.

I had no sleep as was next to someone on a heart monitor. Doc came in at 5am and another one followed. I got moved to another bay at 5.30am.

I saw the doctor in the morning who pushed my tube back in and i went for an xray. I was then discharged.

However i knew something wasn't right. It hurt to put my feed on and i couldn't get enough calories. I told my dietitian and she said well it must be in the right place if the doctor said it was. She tried to get my notes from hospital. I was getting weaker and weaker, so Thursday mum rang the original doctors secretary who put it back in. She said to go to gp who can fast track me through the hospital.

Off i went to gp who was horrible and patronising. She said it must be in the right place so maybe im constipated. Uh no as i new my bowels. Then she ordered to have a urine sample for a uti, no again, i do not have a urine infection, something is wrong with my tube.

Last resort was back to A&E. We waiting about 5 hours to be seen but there was a lovely doc who treated me. He wanted bloods but it took 10 attempts, eeek. I went for an xray again. He then said i have to stay as need a ct scan. I said is it really neccessary. I only need a new tube. Eventually a gastro doc saw me and said my tube my have flipped back into my stomach and they will book me into endoscopy. Phew i got to go home.

So today i had my endoscopy. And guess what. My tubed decided to dance inside me, its supposed to be in my jejunum but had coiled back on itself and was feeding into my stomach. This is why i couldn't feed as my stomach doesn't work. I now have a shiny new tube.

I am very glad i followed my instinct and pushed for a new tube regardless of my gp and dietician doubting me, as if i didn't i would of got very sick. I am also very grateful for the lovely doctors at the hospital for treating me x

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  1. Oh! Hayley you poor thing... My Mum used to say I know my own body... Good job you stuck to your instinct ... Hope you are well now... Looks like you are enjoying your sewing machine...
    Love Sylvie xx
    Just got back from a freezing UK... Gorgeous and sunny here in Gibraltar...