Thursday, 11 September 2014

Lately i have been reflecting on what i really want out of life. I've has the past 3 weeks off from going to the gym and it has given me time to think and also do things that i really want to do.

The last few months have all been about trying to walk again in my new leg braces. I have about one good day a month where I'm able to do more than a few steps. The problem being is things have become quite repetitive week in week out. Gym twice, physio, doctors, consultants.

If i have an appointment in the morning, for me that is my whole day as i get so exhausted i will go to bed till all afternoon. I'm not getting any time to do things i actually want to do. I've decided that i don't want my life to be all able trying to walk again. I want to actually have a life.

Being in a wheelchair is not the end of the world. Ive been on my chair for over 2 years now, I'm used to it. Walking is alien to me now. The chair hasn't stopped me doing anything, its my other conditions and exhaustion that have.

I decided in September i am going to do a college course on a Saturday morning for 6 weeks. I've also found a hydrotherapy pool to go to on a Monday., which i think will mean dropping a gym session.

In other news I'm struggling with food. My stomach has slowed down because of my condition. I never thought i would be in a position where i have to eat as many calories as i can. I always wanted to lose weight and now its the opposite. Also my appointment with my gastro consultant was moved from September to April 2015, eeeeek. However is has now been moved to October this year, phew.

Anyway your get a gold star for reading all this, ill leave you with picture of  a scissor case that i made.


  1. Your scissor case is really sweet and much prettier than the black leather one that came with my scissors. I read the other day that you should always have some 'me' time each day, and make it a priority. So, when you write your list of things that have to be done in a day start by writing down something for you. Another trick for making effective use of time that I use a lot (and get my students to as well) is to use a timer. For things we don't want to do, then 15 minutes is enough to make an impact, 3 lots of 15 minutes and then you have 15 minutes to do whatever you want. For making sure you do the things that you want why not set yourself a certain amount of time first thing after breakfast, before anything else in the day, and before you are too exhausted. Something positive at the start of the day is something to look forward to each morning, and gives you positive thoughts to sustain you through the rest. X

  2. hey magic

    I haven't been around for awhile due to health and stuff. I didn't know whether to delete my blog, so I put it on hold for a while, (over a year!).

    what you say about giving more time to yourself, I would agree, living with this illness is like a full time job, then you have the medical appointments on top, which exhaust. give time to yourself, create a life that has balance. love your scissor case, very pretty. em x