I was reading another blog about organising tasks. I have sooo many things i want to do that i often get overwhelmed and i get nothing down. The advice of the blog post was to write it down and tick it off when done. Sounds simple really. So here is my first one.

I would like to make 20 cards to give to a charity shop to sell. However there is one task that i needed to do before this one and that's to tidy my craft room so i can actually get in there.


  1. I really should write things down like this too....I always faff around and hardly get anything made! Good luck with your charity cards, I will look forward to seeing your creations on your blog. By the way, your sewing machine looks fabulous, a real gem. xx

  2. What a lovely idea to make the cards for charity, have fun making them! I love making lists, I really find it helps me a lot, it's so satisfying to tick things off, and it stops things running round my head and worrying me if I've got them all written down.


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