Saturday, 14 December 2013

It has been a rough couple of weeks and i hope the doctors can sort me out on Monday. Today i managed to go along to the church as its dad's birthday today. He died a year ago on Christmas eve and i just wanted to go to the church as way of thinking about him, if that makes sense.

Ive got a busy week coming up next week which includes
Monday- doctors
Tuesday- gym(if i can make it)
Wednesday- physio and psychologist
Thursday- free hoorah
Friday- gym, then a man coming to service my bed lift ( ooh eeer that does not sound right)

I wanted to show you some cards i made at craft class ages ago, Sorry about the rubbish pics.

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  1. Sorry to hear things haven't been good for you, and the anniversary of your father's death is bound to be a tough time. It makes perfect sense to want to be at church and I know this would help me a lot so I hope it helps you too. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead and fingers crossed all the medical appointments help you. x