I warn you in advance, this isn't a very cheerful post. Last night i went to wheelchair basketball. I have been so excited for weeks and then it was finally time to go. I arrived and alreay new a few people and two people had the same conditions as me. I also met a girl there who i was in rehab with. Its a small world.

It was then i realised how different i am. There was only me and this other girl who were fulltime wheelchair users.

I found out that my muscles are crap and im rubbish at throwing a ball. I never was good at ball throwing but hey i thought i would give it a try.

I felt like the runt of the litter, abit like my cat really (sorry molly). At the end of the game i didnt have the strength to transfer back into my chair so i had to have help (how embarassing).

I realised that although i have the same condtions as some others, i am effected differently. they are quite strong whereas i am not. No matter how much exercise i do, i dont get much stronger.

Today i am useless and stuck in bed. I will perservere for the next 7 sessions though and then maybe check myself into rehab haha.

apologies my spell check isn't working x

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  1. Hey any new sport is bound to leave you worn out, you are exercising muscles that have forgotten they are there! Even my two strapping sons complain about aching muscles from time to time so don't despair. Perhaps you should book yourself in for a nice massage after each session? Could be fun! I know your condiitons make it difficult but you should be proud that you are trying and it is great to meet up with others. How about wheelchair dancing? x


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